Friday, February 21, 2014

Using Google's Advanced Search Tools, Part 2

So you have completed your simple search, gone into the advance search tools and narrowed down your results even further. Now how about a few more ways to narrow your search.  Let's take a look at the bottom half of that Advanced Search page.

Language - set the language of the search results you are searching for. For example, a world languages class can search for items in the language they are studying.

Region - allows you to find pages published in a certain region. So how about a search for "American Revolution" from the United Kingdom region. Probably a different perspective that the American version.

Last update - set for anytime, past 24 hours, past week, month, year. So I am looking for research on technology use in the classroom, I could set the last update to the past year and see results posted over the last year. Now I get search results talking about tablets instead of Apple IIe's

Site or Domain - if you are on a website that does not have a search feature, you can enter the URL here and search for your term just on that site. Even more valuable may be the domain search. Enter .edu (for education sites), .org (for organizations), and .gov (for government sites). If you didn't use the region search you can also search for country codes. For example, .de for Germany, and .kr for South Korea. For a complete list, check out this site.

Terms Appearing - look for your search term on the entire page, in just the text of the page, or in the title of the page.

Safe Search - just make it easy on yourself and leave it on.

Reading Level - you can now just search for basic results, intermediate results, or advanced results.

File Type - instead of just web sites, how about looking for Word documents, or PowerPoints, or PDFs? Change the format to do just that.

Usage Rights - a newer feature to the advanced search. Now you can search for free to use, free to share, and free to modify. Helps with those copyright issues that come up in education.

Check back for more fun things you can do with Google.

If you are looking for one of your students to be the next Google Doodle, make sure to check out their contest where the student can submit their doodle, with a scholarship, and a prize for their school.

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