Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Google's Virtual Spinner

Google has added more functionality to their search box. 

Type Spinner into a Google search box and you can use a virtual number spinner (up to 20 numbers).

Or to keep up with the latest craze, switch to a fidget spinner.

On both spinners, the user can either click the SPIN button (multiple clicks gives a faster spin) or click and drag across the spinner (faster drag equals faster spin).

Just another way Google is trying to help virtualize tools for the classroom. What other tools you may ask? Check some of these out.

Basic math calculations - just type in your math problem to see the answer; like a calculator. For that matter type calculator in the search box to use an actual calculator.

Unit Conversions - type in feet in 37 yards, or cups in 20 gallons, or any unit measure dealing with temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, area, or time.

Hex values for Colors - type Color Picker in the search bar, select your color, and get the Hex number values for that perfect color for your project.

Timer - type 5 minutes timer (or whatever value you need) to get that length of time

Tip Calculator - type What is the tip for $50 (or the value of your meal), then set the percent and number of people splitting the check.

Coin Flip - type flip a coin into the search box to flip a coin

Animal Sounds - type What sound does a dog make? It will give you a sound file to listen to. Try it with any animal.

Definitions - type define and your word to get the spelling and definition of the vocabulary word.

Time in another country - type time:Sydney (or your country or state you want to check) to see the current time in that location.

Play Pacman - type Pacman into the search bar to play the Pacman doodle.

Play Breakout - type Atari Breakout into the search bar and select the images tab. Now you can play Breakout of the images Google returned.