Friday, May 19, 2017

Summertime Google Training

Did that say Summertime? How about anytime training? Training all online, on demand, when you are ready to learn.

Many of our teachers in the district have received or will be receiving carts of Chromebooks. The question now is how to use them with students. While teachers may be proficient in the Google tools they utilize, using the tools to enhance the curriculum is another challenge. That is where the Google for Education Training Center comes in.

Teachers that need help getting started should start at the Fundamentals Training. If teachers feels a little confident, the Advanced Training course is available.

Feel like a real beginner? Then maybe start at the Resources section to learn the different Google Tools (like Docs, Slides, Classroom...) as well as all about the Chromebooks.

A wonderful resource for teachers to increase their confidence using Google in the classroom. 

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