Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video Alternatives to YouTube

YouTube is usually the first site most people think of when they are looking for a classroom video. Here is a list of other video sites your students can learn from.

Don't forget about our Lubbock ISD district resources that we have paid for. Check with the Professional Development department for usernames and password.



BrainPop Jr

Here are some free alternatives. 
Hopefully some of these will give you the idea to have your students create videos.

The Futures Channel  - subscribers have access to wide range of STEM oriented video programs

HippoCampus  - resources for Math, Science, Social studies, and the humanities. Middle school and up

HowStuffWorks  - Not all educational, but would be good for questions, research prompts. It is part of the Discovery Company.

The Internet Archive  - Has more than just movies and videos, their goal is to provide historical collections that exist in digital format

Khanacademy  - Create your login to access this vast video library covering topics in math, science, economics, and the humanities

MathTV - Great math tutorial videos from basic math through Calculus

Minute Physics  - cool physics and other sweet science in short video clips

MITVideo  - Video of MIT lectures, events, and academic content

NeoK12  - A variety of videos collected covering curriculum areas. Many videos have activities already created to go with the video. Does pull videos from other resources such as YouTube so check those filtering policies.

NextVista  - mostly student and teacher created videos about a variety of topics

PBS  - Create a free PBS account and enjoy the videos PBS offers

ResearchChannel  - A YouTube channel that has gathered videos from research and academic institutions.

SchoolTube - Similar to YouTube, but without all of the distracting clutter YouTube produces

SnagFilms  - I include this one because there are documentary films that you might not be able to find on these other video sites.

TeacherTube  - Also Similar to YouTube, but strictly education and the videos are approved by educators.

TV SchoolHouse  - A site of old educational films that have been digitized. Take a journey back in time

WatchKnowLearn  - approximately 50,000 educational videos, placed into a directory of over 5,000 categories. This site does pull from YouTube so filtering policies could block some sites.

Sites more for teachers than students

The Educator's PLN  - A collection of videos covering educational topics

Open Thinking Wiki - A collection of videos for technology and media literacy

Sites for PD - Wes Fryer has collected video links to great videos to use for PD

TCH Teaching Channel  - For teachers to showcase effective teaching practices. Great for Professional Development

TED  - over 1500 talks "to stir your curiosity"

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