Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pick the perfect color scheme

I will be the first one to admit that I am not the most artistic person. Never have been. In elementary school one time we had to color an Easter bunny coloring sheet (as a teacher I now those are keep busy keep quiet sheets). Mine was brown, scribbled, outside the lines... just a mess. The nicest thing my teacher said about it is that my bunny looked fuzzy. Definitely tried to make me feel better about my lack of talent.

These days when I have to put together a presentation, web page, logo, flyer... I use a couple of tools to help me with colors. I also recommend this to my online HS Web design class.

Color Schemer
select your color and a selection of colors come up that look good with your original selection.
This also gives you the RGB and HEX codes for your color.

Color Scheme Designer -
You can set just mono color, complement, triad... more stuff I don't totally know all about. You can also check for color blindness and get the RGB and CSS codes for your HTML. You can also see your color scheme against a light page example and a dark page example.

No more excuses for bad color combinations.

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