Thursday, January 16, 2014

Online Classroom Timers

There are many ways to keep track of time in your classroom. Here are several that I like.

1.  SMART Notebook has a few different times. Go to the Gallery tab, search for timers, and come up with a couple of times as well as the firecracker timer. Easy to set on your notebook page and use.

2.  Online Egg Timer allows the teacher to set up to three different timers that can run simultaneously. For example, you need to rotate three groups every 10 minutes. Set the first timer for 10 minutes, the second for 20 minutes, and the third for 30 minutes. Then click the Start Timers button. The three timers will countdown together and notify you at the end of each timer. You can even bookmark or favorite your most used timer settings so you don't have to set them each time.

3. Online Stopwatch can be used as a count up timer or a count down timer. Select Stop watch and click the Start button to run a count up stop watch or click Count down, set the time, click the set button, and then the start button to count down.

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