Thursday, August 13, 2015

Allow anyone to upload files to your Google Drive

The Google Gooru has offered a great tip that really could fulfill an need some people may have. There are times someone will need to send me a file and it is too large to email, my Dropbox is full, and I wish they could just send it to my Google Drive account. Follow the video's steps and now they can. A script has been created that allows anyone to upload any file directly to your account.

Go to the website to get the script document, make a copy of it, deploy it as a web app. You will then get a URL to share with people so they can upload documents directly to your Drive account. The URL is pretty long so I would use a URL shortener like tinyurl,, or to send people a shorter link.

The video talks about setting the permisisons so anyone with the link can share to your Drive, but if you are a GAfE district you may be limited to just your district's domain.

Very easy to setup. Give it a try


  1. hello, the tinyurl is not working. pls send me the direct link sir. thank you so much.

  2. I corrected the link in the blog post. It should be working now for you.