Monday, August 10, 2015


OK, I'm not usually this easily impressed. This is new to me and a few others Googley people in our district I have shown it to so I think it is fairly new.

When you use the Google URL shortner and receive a url (for example, you can type a .qr at the end of that URL and press enter to display a 150x150 QR code for that site.

To create your Google shortned URL go to, type in or paste in your long URL and press the shorten URL blue button.Now copy and paste that shortened URL into your omnibox and type in the .qr after it and press the enter button.

So will get you this.
You can save the QR code as an image to paste into other documents or just leave the web page up for people to scan. It is only a 150x150 pixel size, but it looks like you can edit the URL to make it larger.  gives you

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