Friday, September 15, 2017

YouTube & Related Content

Many educators love YouTube, but hate all of the extras that come with it. The comments, the suggested videos, the buttons and stats all are distractions to our students. Not to mention you never know what is going to show on the screen while your video plays.

So here are a few ways teachers can show videos and get rid of the distractions.

1. SafeShare.TV

Sign up for a free account with SafeShareTV or login in with your Google or Facebook account. Look up your video on YouTube. Copy the URL. Go to  and paste the link in the field.
Then, click the arrow button. A preview page will open where the teacher can set the beginning and ending time of the video as well as make the video private and hide the extra buttons that the SafeShare can generate. SafeShare will create your link that you can now give to students or post on your website, blogs, or favorite social media.

2. View Pure

View Pure works like SafeShare, but you don't have to login. View Pure also allows the user to enter a search term in the box to search for videos. Either enter the URL or the search term and click the Purify button. Your video will appear in a window. Copy the URL and paste in an email, Google Classroom, Webpage or where ever you want someone to access the video.

3. WatchKin 

Just like View Pure, WatchKin allows users to enter the YouTube URL or search for a video. WatchKin will also generate a shareable link and has buttons to share to your favorite social media. WatchKin also allows the user to mark the video as appropriate or not appropriate.

4. Enter the Video in a Google Slide or Site

Both Slides and Sites has the ability to show YouTube videos.

In Slides, open the Insert menu and select Video. Then search for a video to insert or paste the URL into the by URL field.

In Sites (the new Sites), select the Insert tab and find the Google Embeds section. Select the YouTube option. Search for the video you want to insert.

With many different options, teachers will never have to worry again about inappropriate distractions appearing with their YouTube videos again. 

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