Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Numbered Wallpaper

For your multiple school iPad or Android devices, sometimes it is nice, at a glance, to see which numbered device the student might have in their hand. Some teachers will label the device or case with a sticker or paint pen. But a better way might be to create a numbered wallpaper you can add to the device.

Tony Vincent blogs at has created several backgrounds for just such a reason and he shares with you. Go to and select the background you want. Then you can download all of the numbers that you need. Tony suggests putting the images into a dropbox or other online storage location and pull the images down to the device from there.

He also gives tips on how he created the background in Keynote. You, or your students, could easily create these in Keynote, PowerPoint, or some other paint program like Skitch or or whatever your favorite graphics program is.

Need something quick and easy and already created. Try out Tony's wallpaper for your device.

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