Saturday, February 1, 2014


OneNote is a program that came with our licenses of Microsoft Office that I use for keeping notes from meetings and conferences. Similar to Evernote but with a Microsoft touch.

A couple of good things going on with OneNote at the moment.

The online version that you can connect to your SkyDrive account (not called OneDrive ) now has it's own direct link. Create your OneDrive account and sign in to

I don't know long it will last, but the OneNote iOS app is free. They have had a free version up to a certain number of notes you create, but from the description it sounds like it is free for unlimited notes.

I have a been able to take notes on my computer using the actual OneNote program that came with our version of Office, the app on my iPhone, the app on my iPad, and online with a Chromebook. Pretty nice to be able to look up my notes from anywhere.

Not a bad tutorial on setting up that OneNote account.

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