Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple Google Searches

Google Searches

First of all, keep your search simple if you can. Basic words and places are easily searched for and will bring you the most results. So "pizza 79401" (a zip code) may yield results closer to you than "pizza restaurants in Lubbock, Tx".

Searches for exact words and phrases can be entered with quotes. The search will keep the exact phrase in the exact order. For example "Alexander Bell" will find all sites with those two words in that order. Your search results may be missing relevant information from sites with Alexander G Bell or Alexander Graham Bell.

Normally Google will ignore common words like the and &. So if they are important to your search put quotation marks around them.

To help narrow down the number of sites your search displays, try to weed out the search results you don't want with the minus sign. For example. Alamo Heroes will not only bring up Bowie, Crockett, and Travis, but the Alamo dome in San Antonio, the car rental, the movies, and anything else Alamo related. So a search term like Alamo Heroes -dome -car -rental -movie will weed most of the extra search results out. Putting quotation marks around "Alamo Heroes" will narrow it even further.

  5,100 results is more manageable than over 1.57 million results.

Check back for more fun things you can do with Google.

If you are looking for one of your students to be the next Google Doodle, make sure to check out their contest where the student can submit their doodle, with a scholarship, and a prize for their school.

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