Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts

A couple of reasons for this post.
1. Share some of my favorite keyboard commands.
2. Play with the new gif creator in SnagIt's latest version.

Have you ever closed a browser tab on accident and wished you had not? Use the ctrl+shift+T keyboard command to retrieve the last tab you opened. Works on Windows and Chromebook. Mac users try the command key instead of the control key.

press the three keys together to bring back the closed tab

When surfing, long pages are hard to scroll through using the scroll wheel on the mouse or the elevator on the sides of the page. Press your spacebar to help with this. Pressing the spacebar will scroll down a  page. Hold down the Shift key while pressing the spacebar to scroll back up a page. Works with most browsers.
Spacebar scroll down. Shift + Spacebar scrolls up

CTRL + Enter 
Isn't typing the entire URL a pain. Who has time to type the extra 15 keystrokes for  http://www. and the .com? With CTRL + Enter you don't have to. It will enter that info for you. Works with most browsers. Good if you know the short url.

ctrl+enter adds the www and the .com to urls.

But what about .net and .org?

ctrl +  shift + enter will autocomplete the .org
shift + enter will autocomplete the .net

And for a bonus! Add the Alt key to any of those combinations and the browser will autocomplete your URL in a new tab.

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