Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Google Drawings and Graphic Organizers

As our district dives further into GAFE this year, one of the more overlooked applications is Google Drawings. Under the NEW button in your Google Drive, past Docs, Sheets, and Slides, is the ability for students and teachers to create their own drawing. Drawings gives the user a blank canvas to add to, similar like a desktop publishing application. Users can add text, shapes, lines,images, word art...
Users then can save their work as a PDF or an image file and then add those images into their own docs, blog posts, slides or spreadsheets.

One way teachers can use the Drawings app is to create graphic organizers to share with students through the share feature or through Google Classroom. Students can then fill it out online and share back or turn in through Classroom.

I came across this site that has posted several graphic organizers including Venn, KWL, Timeline, Word Web and more.

Teachers and students can open the document that is there, click on the File menu, and select Make a Copy to move the document to their own Drive account. All of the drawings would then be editable so you can adjust it to your lesson.

I am also sharing a Google Drawings Cheat Sheet from Kasey Bell at Shakeup Learning. Take a look a the PDF she created.

Take a look at Google Drawings and see what you can create.

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