Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Troubleshoot iPad

There are several things you can try when you are having trouble with your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes the device will slow down or freeze and sometimes it is a problematic app. Most of the time number three below, Restart the Device solves the problem. But if it does not, check out these other steps.

1.  Update your apps. 
More often than not an update is there to fix a bug (problem) that has been discovered.

2.  Force quit the app. Good to do periodically anyway.
In iOS 6:  Double-click on the home button.  Find the problematic app on the bottom of your screen where it shows recently used apps. Press and hold on the app icon until it wiggles.  Click on the red circle with a minus sign.  Your app icon goes away.
In iOS 7:  Double-click on the home button.  Find the problematic app image and swipe up on it to flick it away.

3.  Restart the device. 
Press and hold the power button on the top right of the device until you see “Slide to power off” on your screen.  Now, swipe to power off the device.  Then press the power button to turn the device on.

4.  Delete the app and reinstall (use this for app-specific problems).
Press and hold on the app icon on the home screen until it wiggles.  Press the red circle.  The app will be deleted after you confirm.  This sometimes might also delete your data for that app so only try this when you have to.  Then go to the iTunes store and download the app again.  You will not be charged twice if you are using the correct account.

5.  Restore the device.
This wipes out everything and is done by hooking up the device to iTunes.  I’d only use this if a bunch of apps are giving you problems as it’s a headache having to set up all your apps again. Usually I do this as a last resort.

If you have any other troubleshooting steps, please comment them.

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