Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Evernote's Clearly extension

The popular notebooking app Evernote has an extension for your browser you should check out. Clearly allows users to view websites distraction free. Install the extension on your favorite browser from https://evernote.com/clearly/ . You should see a small desk lamp icon on browser tool bar. 

Now when a user visits a website or blog post they can click the Clearly icon to view the website without all of the graphics, adds, and other distractions. Users of Evernote can even save the site to their Evernote notebook to view later. Users can mark up the new document as well as print the cleaned up copy. 

Here is an example from our local newspaper.

Before Clearly:

After Clearly:

As you can see, the article is much easier to read without all of the distractions from the regular website. If you are looking for something to help students focus in to online content, try Clearly

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