Monday, February 23, 2015

YouTube for Kids

YouTube for Kids is a new service from Google that is "Made for curious little minds." There is both and iOS version and an Android version of the app for phones and tablets.

At first glance it looks very simplistic. The app will display a selection of kid-friendly shows with is represented by a large tile that is easy for little hands to tap on.
There is also a search feature for students that can read and write, plus a microphone to search with the child's own voice. Of course this app is heavily filtered to keep inappropriate content out of sight.

There is also a parent's security feature to set a timer for viewing as well as turn off sound effects. The pass code is interesting as it gives you the code to enter. The numbers are written out. So I guess once you child can read they can set their own settings?!?

All of this seems to be a step in the right direction to help parents in this digital world show their child content and keep them from the inappropriate videos, comments, and advertisements.

Looks like Vine is doing the same type thing with their new app Vine for Kids. It is showing age appropriate six second videos with cute little characters and animations.

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