Thursday, January 15, 2015

Appy Hour January

Another Appy Hr (or quarter Hr if you read the last blog) for our district leadership team. Gave an update on the SAMR model and our district walk-through data. We have the Substitution level down pat. Now we need to move up along the framework.

Then I was asked to present some norms to use when using technology in the classroom. We had a brief discussion on classroom management tips that should be taken when using technology. Basically,
1. Place device on left corner of the desk until told to use the technology.
2. If it is a tablet or phone, screen side down.
3. If it is a laptop, screen should be at a 45° angle.

(elementary version of the norms, iPads on their Tummy and laptops open and close like a shark)

Interestingly enough, most administrators practiced this and I believe were asked to follow it for the rest of the meeting.

This video on classroom management tips was a good eye opener as well.

Talked about the M in SAMR an bit. M stands for Modification. We are now enhancing the task with technology instead of the S and the A where we are enhancing the technology.

Finally, to Appy Hour (now down to 8 minutes). I talked about the camera app and how more and more apps are utilizing the camera. We also got into a discussion about Augmented Reality and how it is becoming more prevalent in life of our students and the education world.. Here are the iOS apps I presented.

Camera Plus -  - $1.99

Tripod - $1.99

Photosynth -

Groopic -

Yelp -

Word Lens -

Aurasma -

Photomath -

Anatomy 4D -

Easy Measure -!/id349530105?mt=8

ARBasketball -

Action Movie FX -

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