Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tips for iPads as Centers From Teq is a wonderful resource you need to explore. They offer trainings in the NY area mainly, but are expanding their reach to deliver more online Professional Development content.

Their blog is a great one to follow and their news letter comes in handy. In fact, this comes directly from their last newsletter that I received.

3 Tips for Using an iPad as a Center in Your Classroom
One of today’s best classroom technologies is the iPad, however many times schools don't have enough for each individual student. One great way to address this issue is to use your iPad as a center in your classroom. Check out our 3 favorite tips for using an iPad as a center in you classroom below!

1. Be clear and concise with the goal at each iPad center.
Provide written instructions at each iPad center that include the expectations of the student for each app the student should be using. If possible, provide a QR code that connects to a video or written instructions explaining the center’s activity. This is great because at any time the student can refer back to the directions without having to ask the teacher.

2. Organize apps in folders appropriate for each iPad station.
If you expect a student to use 3 specific apps for a center, put those 3 apps together in a folder. This is a great visual cue for the student to find that center’s appropriate apps as well as cut down time locating the apps on the iPad.

3. Use the Guided Access that is built into iOS on the iPad.
Guided Access allows you to “lock” a student into an app by disabling the home button. This is great to keep the students on task and stop them from exploring whatever else is on the iPad. Guided Access also lets you customize what parts of the iPad screen the student is able to interact with. If there is a part of an app that you do not want the student to be able to touch (like for in-app purchases), you have that ability.

Make sure to check out the Community resource page . There you can follow their blog, download lessons and SMART resources from the Educator Resource Center, view previous webinars and tutorials in their Video Archive, and pick up some eBooks and How-tos in their Teq Resources.

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