Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adobe Voice for the iPad

Adobe, the makers of Reader and Flash, have come out with a great iPad app called Adobe Voice.

I have just downloaded this and and starting to tinker around with the app. Here is what I have learned so far.

Adobe Voice allows users to create videos right on the iPad using their own voice, free music, free creative commons photos, and text.
Did I mention this app is FREE!

It is Free
Easy to use
Free use of creative commons icons, photos, and Music (no copyright issues)
Can use own photos and music (possible copyright issues)
Puts the credits at the end of the video
Easy to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, by email, or message
Can mark videos Private so they cannot be search out online. Only those with the link can view.

No option at this time to save to the Camera Roll
Have to login to free Adobe account
There is a public gallery. Even though the TOS covers inappropriate material, there is the off chance someone in the world could upload something before Adobe has the chance to take it down.
For iPad only

Make sure to check out David Pogue's review of the free Adobe Voice app.

After your video is uploaded and you share the link, you are also given the option to share to Facebook, Twitter, or use an embed code.
So look like you can mark the video Private, upload it, go to the website from the link it generates, grab the Embed code and put it on your own website.

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